Hampton History Museum Family Day



Hampton History Museum is back with another great line-up of FREE Family Fun for their Second Saturday Family Day! The theme this month is "Jurassic World: Digging Up Hampton"

Description: What dinosaurs once roamed the area where we now go to school, work and play? What else can we learn from digging below the surface of Hampton? Bring your family and friends to learn about ancient creatures, the people who came before us, recent digs in Hampton and what archaeologists will be looking for in the future. 

Make your own Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. Explore real fossils, mastodon teeth, worm rock and other prehistoric finds. Create your own dinosaur “trackways.” Play archaeological detective to determine if our skeleton was a pirate. Find historic treasures in our mock archaeology dig.Learn what archaeologists discovered in a recent downtown excavation. Talk to our Junior Archaeology Club president and join the fun!

Where: Hampton History Museum 120 Old Hampton Lane, Hampton, VA 23669

When: Saturday, August 8, 2015 from 11am-2pm

Cost: The 2nd Saturday Family Day activities are free and held in the museum’s Great Hall and courtyard. Admission to the exhibition galleries during this event is a separate charge of $3 each.

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